Best recycling of waste

How Rauch makes optimum use of raw ingredients

Sustainability also means making optimum use of your raw materials. Pomace is what is left over after pressing apples and other fruits. Since the very beginning, Rauch has always passed on a good proportion of the pomace produced in its factories to local farmers at a good price to be used as animal feed.

Dried apple pomace is also a valuable raw ingredient for the production of pectin, a natural gelling agent. In 1990 Rauch commissioned a factory in Röthis to gently dry pomace for this purpose. A few years later these machines were moved to the factory in Hungary, where they were pressing the largest volumes at the time. Rauch is still an important partner for pectin producers today.

By the way: the fruit stones left over from production at Rauch are also used sensibly - as fuel. In Hungary, for example, plant nurseries use them to heat their greenhouses in winter. It's nice when fruit waste provides the heat for new growth.

Apple pomace. The waste that is generated at Rauch is used as animal feed or dried as a raw material for pectin production.