Your healthy lifestyle has a home:
The RAUCH Juice Bar!

Our vision is to inspire as many people as possible to live a healthier lifestyle with our innovative and healthy fruit creations. In our Rauch Juice Bars we transform international trends into fruity juices and you can experience our #thecraftofsaft with all your senses.

Our Rauch Juice Bar creations only taste so good because nature gives us its fruits every day. That is why we place great value on sustainability and are always thinking about tomorrow. For all those who don't have Rauch Juice Bars nearby, there are our fruity Rauch Juice Bar products in retail and gastronomy.

Fruity & Direct.

Our direct juices deliver what they promise. Directly pressed and not from concentrate (NFC), our juice creations are gently pasteurised and stored chilled.

Juice Bar Plus

Always a sip ahead: Our PLUS Range provides strong support for our immune system. "Immunizer" and "Exotic Vitalizer" are two directly pressed juices with the extra plus of vitamins and minerals for your body. All three varieties are available in our 0,8l bottle, which is made of 100% rePET. Inspired by our Rauch Juice Bar.

100% rePET: We turn bottles into bottles again.

As a founding member of the PET2PET organization, our retail Rauch Juice Bar products are 100% recycled and recyclable rePET bottles since 2019. This means, that old bottles are made into new bottles again. A significant step for the environment!

More about our efforts regarding sustainability here:

Real tea with 25% fruit!

Our low calorie Rauch Juice Bar teas are avaliable in three fruity flavours and contain 25% fruit.

  • No sugar added
  • No sweeteners
  • No preservatives or colorants

Rauch Juice Bar

Sustainability in our RAUCH Juice Bars.

  • Cups, lids and straws made from renewable resources
    (beet & corn startch)
  • Napkins made out of recycled tetra packs
  • Deposit Glas bottles
  • Rauch Juice Bar Refill Bottle – the first filling is free!
  • 0,30€ discount, if you bring your own bottle

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