Fruit as far as the eye can see

Year after year, more and more people bought Rauch juices. In order to meet rapidly increasing demand, at the end of the 1980s Rauch had a simple motto in the purchasing department: We buy as much fruit as we possibly can. However, in the autumn harvest season, more apples were delivered than the production teams were able to press, and that was 500 tonnes a day. The effect: on all the available railway track from Rankweil to Götzis, 9 km away, there stood wagons full to the brim with ripe apples.

This did not change until 1993, when Rauch started apple processing in Budapest. But there were also delivery bottlenecks from time to time, even here. When, in 1998, trucks full of apples were threatening to block up the roads around the factory in Hungary, staff found a pragmatic solution: they rented a nearby open-air cinema as a car park for the inundation of apples.

500 tons of apples per day were pressed by the teams in Rankweil. In the autumn even more was sometimes delivered.