Four wins

Establishing a foundation ensures that the family business can pursue a clear line in the long term.

The company had developed successfully over the last 30 years under the leadership of the four shareholders Erich, Trudi, Franz and Roman Rauch. One essential factor for this is not a very obvious one: the four were always in agreement. Franz Rauch: "Of course even we had heated debates in our meetings, saw things very differently. But then we would discuss it until we could reach a unanimous decision."

To ensure that the company could continue to pursue such a clear line despite the growth of the owner families, the four established the Rauch Private Foundation in 1994. The main purpose of the foundation is to ensure the cohesion of the families within the group. The advisory board is made up of the foundation's founding members who then appoint the external foundation directors.

"All our decisions were unanimous. Always. If necessary, we would just talk things out."

Franz Rauch