Forklift relay obstacle race

How Rauch is able to produce and build at the same time thanks to committed employees.

Ever since the early 1960s, Rauch has been paying particular attention to making the best possible use of all of its factories. Thanks to dedicated teams in the factories, they even manage it when Rauch is expanding or converting a site. Like the new factory in Nüziders.

In the summer of 1995 construction was still going on apace in the production hall, in the warehouse next door and over the entire site, under the direction of Dr. Roland Concin. But separated by a huge dust curtain, 120,000 filled cans already were already coming off the production line in the front third of the hall, on two production lines, hour after hour. This was possible mainly thanks to the skill and stamina of the forklift drivers. Over the course of several months they completed a relay obstacle race between the workshop and the warehouse:

Forklift 1 would drive the pallet with its finished cans to the ramp of the production hall. There, on the 40 cm lower gravel track between the buildings, forklift 2 would take over, roll a few metres further and place the pallet at the edge of a concrete tank 2 metres deep and almost 3 metres wide. Down in this pit, forklift driver No. 3 would be waiting with fork extended, take the pallet, turn 180 degrees in the narrow space and deposit the goods at the threshold of the warehouse. From there forklift 4 would take them to the right place. It really was a masterful achievement! By the way, since the truck loading ramp was located in the production hall, the relay would have to be run again backwards when loading

As early as summer 1995, only a few months after taking it over, Rauch was filling cans at the new factory in Nüziders. This would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of the forklift truck drivers.