Learning to teach, digitally

How Sales created the basis for the Rauch learning platform

Having our own factories, branch offices and sales partners all over the world is essential for the success of Rauch, but this also brought with it a problem: how do we train people in the necessary knowledge and skills? This topic was particularly urgent in the sales department, where new products, presentations and promotions are launched several times a year.

As a solution, Sales launched the "Rauch Online Sales Academy" in 2010: a simple website with training documents and training videos which explained all the sales arguments for Rauch products. Other departments were soon getting involved in the Academy with their own topics. That's how it went until 2018.

Lecture style teaching does not work

The initial euphoria in Sales surrounding the Academy had cooled considerably over time. As much creativity as everyone invested in the design of the documents and videos, it was still "lecture style teaching" and was not delivering the desired learning impact. There was simply no exchange between trainers and trainees. Unfortunately, there was just no system in place for that.

But there were personal Skype accounts. Most of those who took part in these first, not quite official webinars were enthusiastic: Finally, people were getting really up-to-date information and immediate answers to questions. This is how digital learning works.

Inspired by these successes, Rankweil continued to expand its range of webinars. Soon IT also put a suitable webinar system in place. Today the Rauch Academy is the central learning platform within the company and offers everything from language training to security training to the Sales Boot Camp with over 100 participants.

"Knowledge is juice": the Rauch Academy imparts knowledge online and offline.