Small station for big traffic

Rauch likes to travel by train and in 2015 even got its own station.

Wherever possible, Rauch takes the train. The company handles over 50% of all transportation by rail. Many Rauch factories have a direct rail connection, including Nüziders.

Every day, employees there load up to 80 wagons. In the past, the Rauch wagons were first pulled by a locomotive to Bludenz station and then assembled into dedicated trains there. However, as more and more freight was generated, this became a bigger and bigger problem for normal rail traffic. S-Bahn, Railjet and other freight trains also run on the same tracks.

In 2013, ÖBB and Rauch therefore decided to jointly finance and build a small dedicated freight station in Ludesch. The new facility went into operation at the end of 2015. With four holding tracks and an additional shunting track, the dedicated trains are now assembled here without interfering with the main tracks.

In December 2015 Rauch's first block train left the shunting yard at Ludesch. The red ribbon was cut by Railway Chief Executive Christian Kern, State Governor Markus Wallner, Mayor Dieter Lauermann, Jürgen Rauch and Red Bull Operations Chief Roland Concin.