Tea, reinvented again

How Rauch combined fruit and tea.

In a digitally networked world, trends spread rapidly. This was felt by Rauch and all other established iced tea producers from 2016. More and more new brands with trendy names and special recipes, presented in hip bottles or cans, were courting consumers.

As number 1 in Austria, how could Rauch participate in this trend? In 2017, a delegation from the Rauch Juice Bar travelled to one of the hotspots of new lifestyle trends: San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

Inspired by the booming tea bars there and starting in October 2017, the team, together with Rauch's product developers, set about creating the recipe for a completely new iced tea, a pure mix of fruit and tea, completely without added sugar. They tried out their first ideas in the juice bars, freshly prepared of course. With this experience under their belts the development team then created the product for the retail trade in record time. By May 2018 Rauch was able to present the new "Rauch Juice Bar Tee" in a new bottle shape and with 3 varieties.

When the teams at Rauch Juice Bar and Rauch Product Development work closely together, what comes out is an innovation: Rauch Juice Bar iced tea with no sugar, just fruit and tea.