Where to grow?

Chance brings Rauch to the new factory in Nüziders

The major expansion of the factory in Rankweil between 1986 and 1988 was a masterpiece of technical coordination: construction continued with all production lines running at full capacity. Now the best possible use was being made of all the available space here, down to the last square metre.

At the beginning of the 1990s RedBull was growing bigger sales wings from year to year. The increasingly ambitious production plans for the energy drink would soon exceed any available capacity in Rankweil. It was clear to those responsible: we need a second location and quickly. They had already bought a suitable plot of land for it, just a few kilometres further on, on the main road in Brederis."

Roman Rauch: "At the end of summer 1994 we heard from an acquaintance that the old Egger chipboard factory in Nüziders was up for grabs." It had its own railway connection and was located away from all residential areas, ideal for our own plans. "Franz and I got in the car and drove to St. Johann in Tyrol to see the family that owned the property. There were several interested parties. We haggled intensively and then bought."

Where once chimneys used to smoke in the production of chipboard, in 1994 Rauch started building one of the world's most modern bottling factories.