Passionate bottle collectors

How Rauch initiated the first PET recycling system

We all know that PET bottles are lightweight and practical, and they are thus much-loved by consumers. But what is less well known, however, is their ecological potential as theoretically they are capable of being fully recycled – if they are sorted correctly.

To turn theory into reality, shortly after the turn of the century Rauch became a leader in this respect and got four other major Austrian drink manufacturers on board for a sustainability agenda. The competitors developed the joint project ‘Pet2Pet’ to improve the recycling of bottles. In 2007 the jointly founded ‘Pet2Pet Recycling Österreich GmbH’ opened its doors in Müllendorf, in the Austrian state of Burgenland. One of the first of its kind in Europe. And it continues to be a model company to this day.

Providing recycling for PET bottles since 2007 - Pet2Pet Recycling in Müllendorf.

The bottles made from 100% recycled material from the latest Rauch brand.