Cool coffee for hot days

How Rauch established itself in the chilled aisles with Cafemio

Summer 2013 was hot. As early as May, temperatures of 30 degrees were luring people to the swimming pool. The ideal environment for Rauch finally to get its foot in the door of the exploding ice-coffee sector with its new brand Cafemio. In 1997, Rauch had its first taste of ice coffee in the form of a can, but it wasn't a huge success story. But now the new PET line number 3 was based in Nüziders, Austria, and it was to be the perfect tool for bottling dairy products.

The creamy taste, the small handy bottle and the 'cool' marketing campaign won the hearts of customers. In the space of a few short months, Cafemio soared in popularity. But more and more of the larger dairies also began to discover ice coffee. And, being able to build on their traditional foothold in supermarket chilled aisles, they ultimately conquered the lion’s share of the market. Despite that, Cafemio continues to boast international success – particularly at petrol stations, where drivers enjoy Rauch's sweet caffeine hit.

Cool ads helped Cafemio win the hearts of coffee enthusiasts during the hot summer of 2003.