Drinking juice becomes child's play

How Rauch’s Yippy became a favourite children's drink

Since the 1990s Rauch had dreamt of producing a drink just for kids. But such a product must have especially child-friendly packaging. In 2003 a beautiful, edgy solution was developed together with specialists at Tetra Pak. The Tetra Wedge. Later that year Rauch launched ‘Yippy’, the cheeky children’s drink sporting Yippy the bear as brand mascot.

It got off to a promising start with Yippy experiencing ‘roaring’ sales for an extended period. But after a while it emerged that the fun packaging was not so ideal for children. And in 2011 Rauch therefore switched to small colourful PET bottles with a more practical sports cap. The new Rauch brand has been a favourite drink for kids in many countries ever since and it is available in a range of vibrant shades.  

The drink with a real edge: Yippy was launched in Hungary in 2003. In 2011 the greatest success story emerged with the development of practical, brightly coloured bottles.