From pressing cider for a fee to an independent cider brand

Expanded warehouse capacity lays foundation for growth

Cart after cart, full to the brim with apples and pears, were brought by Vorarlberg's fruit growers to the cider factories in the country in the autumn of 1920. It had been a good year for them. The Rauchs in Rankweil were also very busy. Everyone was involved, including Ernst, Eduard and the younger brothers Josef and Pirmin.

Franz Josef and his sons were also happy about the full barrels in the cellar this year, just over 20,000 litres. They sold the juice under their own name. This seemed more lucrative to them than pressing cider for fruit growers for a fee. So in 1926 they built ten concrete tanks lined with bricks to store 150,000 litres of juice. They wanted to grow.

The Rauchs made a name for themselves with advertising even back then. In 1926, Franz Josef invested in a warehouse for 150,000 litres of juice to ensure that they could meet demand reliably.