You always have to eat and drink

Foundation of the company 1.9.1919: In a spirit of optimism to juice

Ten months earlier, the First World War had ended. Thank God. Franz Josef's two eldest sons Eduard and Ernst had survived their service at the front - albeit wounded or ill. He and his brother Johann Baptist had even managed to get their small embroidery through the war quite well.

Now, in September, coal became scarce in the Ländle region as well. The railway was running almost no passenger trains. How were people supposed to warm the parlour in winter? Nevertheless, most Vorarlbergers were full of hope. They would soon become a canton of Switzerland. More than 80% had voted for the consolidation in May. A spirit of optimism prevailed.

Future with cider and schnapps
On 1.9.1919 Franz Josef bought the neighbouring building with cider mill and schnapps distillery from Franz Amann for 38,000 crowns. A second business field was sensible and created prospects for his son, Ernst. He was also showing his talent as a businessman. But in the "Gebrüder Rauch" embroidery there was only room for one of his 10 children, the first-born Eduard.  

An old, manual basket press, a few old beer kegs in the cellar for storage, a still in the laundry room - Franz Josef made a modest start in the new industry. But the family was hard-working ... and this business promised the future: people will always have to eat and drink.

The Rauchs sold their cider under its own name from early on.