Good advertising for good juice

Rauch invested early on not only in modern production methods, but also in advertising: this poetic brochure was probably written in 1934: Fortifying refreshment and highlight of the Sunday excursion: Rauch Apfelsaft (non-alcoholic apple juice). At about the same time, a Tyrolean poster artist designed the juice-giving apple, the Rauch advertising motif until the 1960s.

If you eat a really good apple, you would hardly think it possible that you could also drink this apple with the same taste and aroma and with all its health benefits. And yet there are apples in liquid form: The drink is called RAUCH Apple Juice (non-alcoholic). RAUCH Apple Juice, made using the latest process to make it long-lasting without fermentation, is a tasty, extremely healthy, valuable supplementary food. An invigorating refreshment for the sick, convalescents, infants, schoolchildren and those doing academic work.

RAUCH Apple Juice, the family's favourite drink, the liquid fruit that goes well with every meal. What would a beautiful Sunday excursion with the wife and children be without RAUCH Apple Juice? It's the highlight of the day when the fragrant yellow liquid foams into the cups. Hikers and sportsmen appreciate the fact that RAUCH Apple Juice contains fruit acid and nutritive salts. It is a natural well of juice that brims over with extra nutrition and refreshment for body and soul. RAUCH Apple Juice is guaranteed to be absolutely natural. It contains no alcohol - no artificial flavour - no preservatives. RAUCH Apple Juice is available in all inns, hotels and better grocery stores. MOSTEREI RAUCH - Rankweil - Vorarlberg - Tel. no. 72