Battle for the chiller aisle

How cheeky Englishmen turned up the pressure on chilled freshly squeezed juice from Rauch.

From 2005, the chiller aisle became increasingly important for fruit juices. With smoothies, cheeky advertising and a lot of money from new owner Coca-Cola, Innocent from England had conquered a strong place in the chiller aisles of Europe. So far, so good. But in 2012 this competitor suddenly introduced chilled, freshly squeezed fruit juices in a carafe-style bottle. Pushed with a massive campaign, it soon became the market leader in the chiller aisle. That hurt.

Because Rauch had been offering chilled, freshly squeezed juices under the name "Rauch Fresh" since 1998. A solid fan community appreciated the "as if squeezed at home" quality and had always been happy to use cardboard packaging. What to do?

In 2014 Rauch opted for a completely new brand strategy: with the "Rauch Juice Bar" the company already had the brand that stood for high-quality, hand-squeezed juices. Under this label and with its own carafe-style bottle, Rauch dared to undertake a relaunch in the chiller aisle. With great success. Since then, the Juice-Bar carafe has asserted itself as the strong No. 2, and in many Eastern European countries it has established Rauch as the innovation leader.

"Rauch Juice Bar" is the brand for carafes in the chiller aisle