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Rauch extends its lead with multi-brand strategy

Rauch refined its brand strategy over the course of the 1980s in order to secure its position as market leader. Limessa was introduced in addition to Happy Day and Bravo. Rauch now completely covered all market segments.

The 100% Happy Day juices in the green TetraPak cartons served the premium market and were the most expensive at 9.90 Schilling. Bravo, packed in bright red, were 50% nectars and aimed at the broad middle of the market at 7.90 Schilling.
Limessa in blue was the refreshing drink with 12% fruit content and, at 5.90 Schilling, intended for particularly price-conscious consumers.

Rauch advertised all of them under their own umbrella brand "Rauch" - as a guarantee of the best fruit flavour.

This photo from an advertising folder shows Rauch's clear multi-brand strategy:
Happy Day in green, Bravo in red and Limessa in blue, all in TetraPaks and under the umbrella brand Rauch in yellow