Brand strategy Made in Sweden

Multi-brand concept lays foundation for further growth

One brand for 100% juices, a second for cheaper nectars - this is how Swedish partner Jo Bolaget sold their fruit juices in the 1970s. They were called God Morgon and Bravo. Franz Rauch noticed this simple concept during one of his visits to the North - and was immediately all fired up; together with the new TetraPaks, this would open up undreamt-of market opportunities. And "Bravo" would be a brilliant name for nectars sold around the world.

Investigations determined that there was no protection on either the concept or the name. Of course, Rauch asked their partner anyway. No problem, they said. Rauch would not sell its own juices in Scandinavia, after all

Only one question remained: what should Rauch call its 100% juices? "Guten Morgen" like the Swedes? Not really international. But hang on a moment... there was this gospel hit from 1969, which everyone can sing along to: "Oooooh Happy Day"

It is uncertain who first brought up this idea at Rauch. But one thing is certain: Happy Day and Bravo were instantly two brand hits

In the beginning there was clear separation between "Rauch" and the new brands "Happy Day" and "Bravo" - but all in yellow