Moustache achieves millions of clicks

How Rauch landed a social media hit in Kuwait.

It was a bizarre idea for a commercial suggested by the Kuwaiti Rauch importer: a young man in a traditional white cotton robe and veiled face enters a small shop and demands a can of Rauch grape juice. Because that is his salvation: a sip of it transforms his misshapen moustache, for many Arabs an important symbol of wisdom and potency, back to its full splendour. "No, it's out of the question", was the reaction of those responsible in Rankweil: "What are women and children supposed to think about Rauch juice?" But the Kuwaitis prevailed and shot the ad at their own expense. It became a social media hit not only on Kuwaiti TV, but all over Arabia with millions of hits - especially among women and children. In Kuwait, this advertisement made Rauch so famous that another ad was shot the next year. This time with a female lead - but again with a moustache.

An absurd Rauch commercial about a moustache became a social media hit in Arabia