Family friendly? Actions rather than words!

How Rauch initiated a nursery facility in Rankweil shared between several companies.

A few years ago, an employee on maternity leave was speaking to Matthias Linder, head of human resources, "Actually, I'd like to get back to work soon, but I simply can't find anywhere to look after my twins." Yes, loving one's job and one's children at the same time is not so easy in Vorarlberg. Especially if the children are under 3 years old.

Linder thought that this had to change and discussed the situation with the municipality of Rankweil and the childcare facilities in the local area. Result: the public sector alone is simply not ready yet.

But together it could be done. Since this problem also affects parents working at other companies in the area, with Hirschmann, Spectra Physics and the Volksbank Linder sought and found enough supporters for his project "Inter-company care for young children". The solution: the companies share the costs; the municipality sets up the project.

In 2014 the team at the new nursery in Hadeldorfstra├če welcomed the first offspring of employees from the four companies. The facility is open every workday from 7.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. throughout the year. Today, 16 children are well cared for there as they explore their world. A second group will be starting in Brederis in 2020.

Compatibility of career and family is at the top of Rauch's list of priorities. This is why there is a nursery facility in Rankweil shared between companies