Not winner's podium but star photographer

Rauch breaks new ground with 2015 sports sponsorship, welcoming Anna Veith as a new member of the Rauch family - despite injury and an uncertain sporting future.

Sponsorship contracts with sportsmen and women are usually concluded with athletes who are the focus of attention due to their success. Anna Veith had been used to great success since 2011, she had won everything that ski professionals dream of: Olympics, World Championships, Overall World Cup. Before the start of the 2015 season, Rauch and Anna, who was then still called Fenninger, had actually already agreed on a long-term sponsorship deal. The only thing missing was the signature on the contract. But then came the terrible fall during training, three days before the opening race in Sölden. Severe knee injuries, no racing for the entire season, return uncertain.

But Rauch remained faithful to Anna. On December 9, she appeared for the first time as brand ambassador for Happy Day at the Rauch Juice Bar in Vienna. "Team spirit, sustainability and stamina are strong values in the Rauch family. We are pleased that Anna is now a part of this family. That's why we're starting the partnership right now and under the same conditions as for an active career," explained Managing Director Daniel Wüstner at the time.

The following January, Anna flew to New York on behalf of Rauch - for a photo shoot with star photographer Billy Kidd. He usually takes photos for big fashion labels and stars like George Clooney or Helen Mirren. It was a lot of fun, explained Anna in an interview. More than anything, it did her good to experience great results faster than in the protracted rehabilitation process.

Anna's pictures from New York became an advertising campaign for Happy Day. This fruity-family partnership between Anna and Rauch has so far resulted in several poster campaigns, two TV commercials, various promotional campaigns and limited editions of Happy Day. We are continuing together along the same road.

Ski star Anna Veith was the new face of Rauch from 2015 - despite injury-related break from racing