Application Process

We consider it important to ensure a fair, transparent, and efficient recruitment and selection process, while on the same time we want to offer positive application experience.

How does the selection process work?

01. Application

Applicants have to be submitted online via the RAUCH career portal if possible. Minimum set of documents are cover letter, CV, and employer references (if any).

02. Confirmation of receipt

Applicants will receive confirmation via e-mail after submitting the documents.

03. Review application

We review all applications (for specific job postings same as unsolicited applications) regularly. Missing documents as well as additional information needed (e.g. points that are not stated in the CV) will be required via e-mail or phone in case necessary.

04. Schedule interview

After submitting, candidates with the best fitting profiles will be contacted in order to schedule first online or face-to-face interview. At this point there are usually around 3-6 possible candidates, preselected for the job. All other candidates will receive rejection information via e-mail.

05. First interview

The line manager, often accompanied by a member of the Human Resources department, participates in the first interview. If a candidate is selected for a personal interview, we think he/she fits the job based on professional experience. The purpose of this meeting is to get to know the candidates professional background better and, of course, to get to know him/her as personality. The meeting usually last 30-60 minutes.

06. Feedback first interview

After the first interview, the candidates will be contacted about the outcome of the interview.

07. Second interview

Depending on the position, there can be a second meeting, involving other RAUCH colleagues. This meeting offers the opportunity to further deep dive into work environment, job requirements as well as candidate’s qualifications. At this point, the candidate might also be required to perform some practical tasks.

08. Offer

The candidate who fits position and team the best, will receive our offer. Of course, we make sure to provide feedback to all other candidates as well.

09. Onboarding

As soon as the offer is confirmed by both sides, the candidate is contacted to align the onboarding process.


Here are some tips on how to prepare for an interview:

Candidates should think carefully about own needs related to the position and the working environment and prioritize them.

We are very happy to meet candidates, who have taken the time before the meeting to do their research about RAUCH as a company and the job, because it shows us that he/she is really interested in the position.

Check your technical equipment and internet connection upfront in case of online meetings and enter the digital meeting room on time. When planning your trip to face-to-face meetings, adding around 10 minutes back up time upfront will be appreciated by us.

We are looking for colleagues who fit into the company’s environment and which are ready to contribute long term to the success of RAUCH. We are curious about candidate’s personality, plans and goals. We like to know about areas they are good at, but we are also interested in how clearly candidates see own development areas. Everything which we share in a honest way will help to get to know each other better.

We encourage candidates to think about what questions they would like to have answered by us. We strive for a real conversation within the framework of the interview, so candidates should feel free to ask, it also shows interest.

We know this can be a stressful situation, but for our part, we’ll be working to create atmospheres which allows candidates to show themselves as they really are.