rePET: World's first Fruit Juice and Iced Tea in 100% recycled PET

At Rauch, we not only pay attention to the inner values, but also to the packaging. That's why Rauch is the first manufacturer in the world to offer juice and tea in 100% recycled PET bottles. 

Our rePET bottle family

As a founding member of the PET2PET organization, we have continued to develop our sustainability strategy and steadily increase our recyclate content. Previously, the percentage of rePET (recycled PET) was up to 50%. Now our Rauch Juice Bar Range products and all our 0.5l PET bottles, from Rauch Iced Tea to Happy Day Sprizz and Sport Isotonic, are in completely recycled bottles - a significant step for the environment! In the next few years, we would like to increase the proportion of rePET in other packs as well.

Recycling: Good for the climate

Recycling PET bottles is not only good against waste and for the environment, but also for the climate: PET from recycling needs approx. 79% less CO2 than so-called "Virgin PET", which does not come from recycling. And it is even better for the climate than a returnable glass bottle, which requires a lot of transport due to its high weight.