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    Summer time is mango time

Summer time is mango time

It´s yellow like the sun, juicy and sweet – the mango. The perfect fruit for summer. Learn what to look out for when buying, storing and preparing mangos.

The mango has just under 60 calories, seeing as it consists of over 80% water. The mix of vitamins, minerals and secondary plant properties also makes the delicious tropical fruit a particularly healthy fruit.

How to store a mango
The mango is a very delicate fruit that needs to be consumed within a few days as soon as it´s ripe.  Unripe fruits can ripen at room temperature. Don´t put the fruit in the fridge, as the mango will lose its taste over time if the temperature is below 8 ° C.

Tip: Speed up the ripening process by wrapping the fruit in newspaper. If the mango is still very hard and you need it faster than you thought, wrap an apple in the newspaper with it. How does this work? Apples and mangos produce a gas called ethylene which encourages the ripening process. Seeing as the apple´s gas is much stronger; the ripening process will be sped up.

Tips for preparation
The mango has an oval, flat stone in the middle. If you cut the mango each side about 1cm next to the stem, you will get two mango fillets and a mango slice which contains the stone.

Technique 1 for dices or for simply biting off: Make two cuts along the core and separate the two side fillets of the mango. Cut the mango in dices without breaking the skin. Turn the skin inside out so that the individual segments point outwards.

Technique 2 for slices: Cut large pieces with shell from the core, like you would do with a melon. To peel, slide the pieces along a glass. Place the edge of the glass between the fruit and the skin, then gently push along the glass, separating the skin from the fruit.

Author: Olympiazentrum Vorarlberg

Technique 3: Peal with a regular vegetable peeler.

All-rounder in the kitchen
The mango is an all-rounder in the kitchen, it tastes just as good in fruit salad, with cereal, as a cake topping or in sorbets and ice creams. Mango juice and puree are great for making cocktails, bowls, smoothies and other fruity drinks. If you´re short on time, try the orange, mango and carrot juice of Rauch Juice Bar.

Tip for summer: Mango ice cream! Mix the frozen fruit pieces in the blender, e.g. with a little lemon or ginger, and serve immediately.

Aside from sweet dishes, mango also tastes good with hearty and fiery dishes, such as avocado, chicory or radicchio, and even with curry or chili.

Tips for buying mangos
- Plump skin by the stem
- Sweet and aromatic scent
- The heavier, the more mature
- Should give in slightly under gentle pressure

Author: Olympiazentrum Vorarlberg