From the mountain farm to the juice brand

Entrepreneurial spirit and sweet must boom

At the end of the 19th century Franz Josef Rauch and his siblings moved from their mountain farm in Dünserberg to Rankweil in the valley and set up an embroidery shop. In 1919 he buys a small village cider mill as a second mainstay. In the mid-20s, new production methods triggered a sweet juice boom. Alcohol-free fruit juice becomes the trend drink of the 30s. Franz Josef's sons Eduard and Ernst take advantage of these opportunities, invest early in the best juice and turn Rauch into a strong regional brand in Vorarlberg and Tyrol by the mid-1950s.

1909 From scythe to embroidery machine
Business sense helps create the first company

1919 You'll always have to eat and drink
Company formation: a move into juice In a spirit of optimism

1920 From juice pressing for a fee to an independent juice brand
Expanded warehouse capacity lays foundation for growth

1927 Top marks for Rauch
16 out of 18 points at the 1927 state cider and juice exhibition in Dornbirn

1933 Apple juice: the first trend product
Rauch invests in new process for the best juice - and in advertising

1933 Ernst and Eduard take over the cider mill
Rauch establishes the "management team" principle

1938-1945 Juice for military hospitals
Rauch comes through bad times with a product essential to the war effort

1948 The "Rauch tree" is created
The first Rauch tree on the facade of the cider mill

1949 Wanted: Nimble and skilful hands
Bottling with neighborhood help.