Juice with a kick

How a boxing champion advertised Bravo in Hungary

In 2001, when Rauch first launched Bravo in PET bottles on the Hungarian market, the marketing team in Budapest pulled off quite a coup: they secured the hugely popular flyweight world champion boxer Istvan ‘Koko’ Kovac as brand ambassador. A smiling ‘Koko’ was shown on the labels of the new product and could be seen on posters and TV. Gabor Kardos, now the managing director at Rauch Hungary, remembers the time fondly: “Koko paid us a visit once. And our entire team was overjoyed to meet this great, likeable guy in person.”

On 16 June of the same year, staff at Rauch Hungary experienced a show they would never forget: Koko competed against Argentine Julio Pablo Chacon to defend his world champion title at a massive boxing event in the Kiss Stadium in Budapest.

Gabor Kardos: “We all saw it live. Over 70 colleagues dressed in red t-shirts and baseball caps. The atmosphere, the excitement ... it was powerful!” For four rounds, Koko dominated his opponent, but then the tables turned and he was knocked out in the sixth round. “I don't want you to be sad,” Koko later told his fans. And as he continued to enjoy great popularity in Hungary, he stayed on as brand ambassador for another few months. He soon retired from boxing, however.

The whole team at Rauch Budapest cheered on their boxing world champion ‘Koko’ Kovac.