Good things come in small packages

How Rauch exploded onto the scene in south-east Europe thanks to attention to detail and some bright ideas

It’s often interesting to see which Rauch products are successful in certain regions: such as the 250ml can of Bravo in south-east Europe. And it has been a hit there for more than 20 years!

Toni Fischer has been responsible for operations in south-east Europe since 1991: “I noticed that waiting staff always brought unopened juice to their tables. They were only opened at the table, in front of customers. That is a legal requirement in this area of Europe, and it ensures customers get a fair deal.

High quality in a can

Fischer recognised the opportunity: most restaurants poured their fruit juices into disposable glass bottles, but Rauch was far too expensive. It would be much cheaper to serve Rauch's first-rate juices from cans. Fischer and his importers developed suitable products for the hospitality industry...and the idea really took hold! Nowadays, if someone in south-east Europe orders juice at a restaurant or café, you’ll often hear “A Bravo, please!” 

In south-east Europe's hospitality industry, little cans of Bravo are synonymous with fruit juice