Pineapple Champagne

2 Persons

100 ml Happy Day Pineapple
RAUCH Lime Juice, ca. 2 ts
Coconut flakes

Dip glasses in the lime juice first and then twist the glass in the coconut flakes, thus creating a nice coconut garnish. Pour Happy Day Pineapple and ice into the glass and add champagne.

Cherry Tini

4 Persons

30ml Cherry Brandy
90ml Vodka
90ml Happy Day Amarena Cherries
1 ts RAUCH Lemon Juice

Pour all ingredients with lots of ice into the shaker and stir well. Serve in glasses.

Mango Vodka Cooler

2 Persons

5 cl Vodka
8-10 Blackberries
300 ml Happy Day Mango
Crushed ice

Fill crushed ice in 2 glasses and add Happy Day Mango. Then add vodka. Pour soda on top and adorn with blackberries and mint leaves.