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    Feedback for the new Rauch Juice Bar PLUS Range from our Board-Members

Feedback for the new Rauch Juice Bar PLUS Range from our Board-Members

Among our spring novelties this year there was also the new Juice Bar PLUS range. This range currently consists of three juices that really pack a punch thanks to their PLUS of vitamins and minerals. Our five Board members gave us their opinion on the new juices.
What are the Juive Bar PLUS flavors?

There is the Berry Booster with apple, red grape, blueberry, raspberry and blackberry. This one helps against fatigue with its PLUS of calcium and vitamin C & B6.

The Immunizer contains orange, apple, carrot and ginger. It is called Immunizer because it strengthens the immune system thanks to its PLUS of zinc and vitamin C & D naturally.

In the Vitaminator are apples, strawberries, kiwis, ginger and elderberries and it contains a large PLUS of vitamins C & B6 & B12. So, the name says it all!

Anna Veith: It keeps me fit

I think the new Juice Bar Plus juices are very tasty and fruity. You can drink them undiluted or diluted with water as needed, as I usually do with almost all fruit juices, because they are just too sweet for me do drink them pure. The juices are ideal for breakfast, but you can pack them just as well for longer hikes or take them diluted for sports. It keeps me fit throughout the day and provides strength and energy thanks to the fructose and all the vitamins. I would also like to see a label made of natural paper or maybe even glass bottles because of the sustainability aspect that is applied to the bottle.

Bernd Österle: You can feel the PLUS

I think the Juice Bar Plus juices are very well done. The Vitaminator is absolutely fantastic and is my personal favourite in terms of taste. Followed by the Immunizer, which I see from the ingredients slightly in the lead. For a super strong immune system, the ingredients zinc, vitamin C & D are essential. Also, the Berry Booster has a good composition of different fruits and tastes great.

The advantages over "normal" juices consists of the extra plus of vitamins and minerals. I see the Juice Bar Plus juices especially in the breakfast area for everybody. Especially for children there are significant advantages, because they can replace sugary soft drinks in a sensible way. A balanced diet often fails in the hectic everyday life, through these 3 juices you can create a super balance and bring your vitamin and mineral levels to a healthy state.

The creation of the juices took place through a joint brainstorming of all board members where everyone could express their individual wishes and suggestions. What I particularly like is the consistency, which is much thicker. You get the feeling that you're not just drinking something, but that you're also eating food. I love it. The names of the juices get to the point. Everyone can imagine what they are about!

Dr. Manuel Schätzer: Valuable Plant Compounds

As a member of Rauch's Healthy Lifestyle Board, I was able to test the three new Juice Bar juices "Immunizer", "Berry Booster" and "Vitaminator" in advance. In addition to the many vitamins that support the immune system, reduce fatigue and can contribute to a normal energy metabolism, the directly pressed juices also contain many very valuable secondary plant compounds.

Admittedly, this does not play a special role for my youngest son. His favorite is clearly the Berry Booster, because it tastes particularly good to him. Of course, I'm very happy about that, because berries are known to contain a lot of secondary plant compounds.

An insider tip here, which should actually no longer be one, are the so-called secondary plant substances. These include substances such as flavonoids or carotenoids. They have a very broad field of action and can support the body in various ways.  Because secondary plant substances can be absorbed particularly well if they are not bound in a plant cell but dissolved, we regularly have 100% fruit juices at the dinner table.

Dr. Friedrich Hoppichler: Valuable source of Vitamins

A small glass of juice can also be counted as fruit or vegetable, as long as it is a 100% fruit or vegetable juice. Because only these contain 100 percent fruit and nothing else. When I drink juice with a meal, direct-pressed juices are among my favorites. For me, they are a valuable source of vitamins and also a practical. In my often very hectic work day, I need good sources that support my energy metabolism and help me stay active, alert and also healthy. That's why the new, tasty Juice Bar Plus juices appealed to me so much.

Veganistas: Important Additives

At Veganista and The LaLa, we can see every day how people try to balance a busy schedule with the desire for better health. It's obvious that ethics and sustainability are important for a shared future, but the individuality of each person should be considered too. The new Rauch Juice Bar Plus line captures this zeitgeist in many ways. The products are mostly vegan, which is important to more and more consumers.

The juices taste really good and healthy and contain important additives. We prefer the Immunizer and Berry Booster and can see these working well on the breakfast table or as snack companions for a quick boost of energy. In combination with the beautiful and appealing bottle design, they always make a good impression in any environment and also in photos. The lid from the bottle was unfortunately not always easy to open.

In summary, we think that the Rauch Juice Bar Plus line makes the brand look even more contemporary and a companion to a modern lifestyle - in line with the direction in which the world and modern female consumers are moving.