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    We present our Boardmembers: Anna Veith

We present our Boardmembers: Anna Veith

My name is Anna Veith, I am 31 years old and married to the former snowboarder Manuel Veith. We are expecting our first child in June and are looking forward to our future together as a family.
Happy Moments for the Fruit Juice Junkie.

I have been a Rauch testimonial for over five years and since then have experienced cool projects and many "happy moments" together with my partner. As a real fruit juice junkie, this is the "perfect match.

Healthy nutrition: top priority in professional sports

I have also been a member of the Healthy Lifestyle Board for almost a year now. As a former top athlete, a healthy and active lifestyle has always been a big priority for me. A balanced and conscious diet provides my body with the foundation to perform on a high level and additionally is good for me! This is not only important in sports, but also in my everyday life as a future-mom and entrepreneur.

Exciting: The supply of vitamins

Health and Vitamins for our body, that's exactly why I'm a member of the HLB and additionally I think it's very interesting how much Rauch lives this attitude / philosophy as a brand and also with their products. Supporting them in creating juices in such a way that they provide us with vitamins in the best possible way is something I find very exciting. "Beyond the usual" has always driven me further.

Living a healthy lifestyle has to be easy

For me, a healthy lifestyle shouldn't be anything complicated, but rather something that can be easily integrated into everyday life. That way, I can stick to it in the long term. That's why the juices and other exciting Rauch innovations are the perfect companion for me - whether at home or on the road.

Breakfast is necessary – what is my breakfast routine?

Breakfast is a very valuable and essential meal for me - warm porridge with fruits and juice is my favourite. Absolute favourite: pomegranate juice. This way I can start the day with a full tank of energy and have enough stored in them for the tasks ahead.