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    We present our Boardmembers: Dr. Manuel Schätzer

We present our Boardmembers: Dr. Manuel Schätzer

Manuel Schätzer, nutritionist at SIPCAN: "How can I incorporate health and enjoyment into our daily behavior? For example, by experiencing the apple as consciously as possible in between meals."
When I am drinking enough, I am able to
concentrate better, I'm more alert and less tired.

Hello, my name is Manuel Schätzer, I will turn 44 this year, I am the proud father of two boys, and I am happily married to my wife Julia for over 10 years now. I grew up in the beautiful Tyrol and since over 20 years I live in Vienna. I originally moved to the capital of Austria because of my education since the study of nutritional sciences was only offered there.

Today, as a senior scientist, I coordinate the activities of the preventive-medicine institute SIPCAN. In my free time, I currently devote myself fully to my family and try to get involved with my children as intensively as possible.

Incorporate vegetables, whole grain bread and
fruit juice into daily life.

As a PhD nutritionist, university lecturer and expert in health promotion in schools, I can bring a lot of theoretical but also practical know-how to the Healthy Lifestyle Board. My tasks are very complex and range from expert advice on nutrients to the topics like sugar reduction. As a scientist, I am particularly interested in how we can manage to transfer learned knowledge into our everyday lives. In other words, integrating vegetables, wholemeal bread or fruit juice into our daily behaviour.

Healthy Lifestyle is a conscious and enjoyable life

For me, a Healthy Lifestyle relates to a conscious and enjoyable life. For me, it's not about big parties or other thrills, but about very simple situations in everyday life. I try to experience the daily walk with my dog, fun with the family or even the apple in between as consciously as possible. This mindfulness lifestyle is a source of great joy and satisfaction for me. This is certainly not always easy, because my life is full of challenges, both at work and in private life. But life is happening right at this exact moment and thinking about that is a huge motivation for me.

Key Secret: stay hydrated

From a nutrition standpoint, a central secret to my Healthy Lifestyle is adequate fluid intake. I make a conscious effort to drink enough. When I drink enough, I experience that I can concentrate better, and I am more alert and less tired. My whole body just seems to function better as a result. I prefer to drink water, diluted black and green tea and, especially in summer, diluted fruit juices such as Rauch's mild apple juice.