Fascination of Formula 1 – The "premier class" of motorsport

Formula 1 is without a doubt the most famous racing series in the world and incredibly popular in many countries. Over the years, the racing event has developed into a worldwide spectacle followed by millions of fans and, of course, our consumers.

Breathtaking speeds, technical masterpieces and multi-million dollar racing cars – the fascination of Formula 1 continues unabated. That's why we're here at the pole position as well.

We have been a partner of Red Bull Racing for many years now and are proud of this longterm partnership. Although we do not provide the same thrills such as Red Bull Racing and the Formula 1, we guarantee to tickle your tongue with our amazing products the emotional way.

The partnership with Red Bull Racing supports many of our values – quality, innovation, speed, internationality and passion are just a few of them.

Red Bull Racing Mexico Teaser 2021
Red Bull Racing Showrun Japan 2019