RAUCH's Philosophy

Quality, legality and safety of our products and customer services are fundamental principles for lasting and sustainable development of the Rauch Group. The key to our success is in the hands of our customers. Therefore all our efforts are focusing on detecting, understanding and fulfilling all customer expectations in all aspects of our business in a long term view.

Our integrated management system enables a continuous improvement and assessment process of all important structures and processes on the base of laws and other regulations.

Following principles of management following ethical, environmental, social and sustainable aspects are guidelines for our efforts within our integrated management system at the Rauch Group:

  • Customer focus
    • Engagement and responsibility for our employees
      • Process orientated approaches
        • Establishing a continuous improvement process
        • Chance and risk orientated thinking
        • Evidence based decision making
        • Understanding the context and relationships of the company

        All implemented management systems at the Rauch Group will be developed in a continuous way to follow our core principles and will also be adapted to the changing and specific context of the Rauch Group in an appropriate way.

        Established principles of our integrated management system are the base for development of objectives in all systems to achieve a continous improvement process within the Rauch Group by actively integrating ideas and contributions of all employees from all hierarchical structures of the Rauch Group.