No waste fraud

A customs procedure takes years and confirms all correct

Thanks to first-class production technology, Rauch built up an interesting business over those years - the refinement of concentrates. For example, normal apple concentrate was bought in Hungary, refined to a bright, clear concentrate in Rankweil and delivered to partners in Scandinavia. In the Europe of many borders at that time, there were special customs procedures for such transactions. These had pitfalls.

One day the customs investigator contacted Rauch. There was the suspicion that Rauch was causing far too much wastage when concentrates were refined. A competitor had complained. The authorities initiated a financial penalty procedure that lasted for many years. Roman Rauch recalls: "Samples were processed under supervision at the plant. They clearly showed that everything was in order. Acquittal". This did not suit the authority. Second instance. They imposed a fine for minor errors on a form. "The amount was insignificant, but it did not suit us. So we went to the highest court."
And at last the accusation was off the table.

Business with concentrates developed well, which is why Rauch purchased a new, state-of-the-art concentrate plant with aroma recovery in 1971.