Young management team, ambitious goal

The next generation takes over and changes course

When Eduard Rauch died in 1962, Ernst Rauch also retired from the management of the company. The next generation, still very young, took over the helm. Ernst's daughter Trudi was 29, her brother Erich 27. Eduard's son Franz was 22, his brother Roman 17 years old. Roman was still attending school and had to wait until he reached the age of majority before he was officially appointed managing director. But the three older children had been fully involved in the company for years.

Trudi had been working in accounting and payroll since the end of the 1940s. Erich had been involved in production since 1952. Franz had been supporting his father with commercial tasks since 1958, primarily with customer support. Despite all the developments in recent years, Rauch was considerably smaller than other fruit juice manufacturers at the start of the 3rd generation, with a turnover of ATS 12 million and 30 employees. The young management team quickly agreed: you can only produce the best juice at the best price if you are big. So the four of them decided on a new and courageous strategy: We will be No. 1 in Austria.

In 1962, the next generation took over a solid, yet very conservatively run company. With 12 million in sales and 30 employees, Rauch was much smaller than other fruit juice manufacturers.

Rauch 1966 - all over the world