"Tethered caps": New environmentally friendly "stay-tight" caps

You're seeing them more and more, and now also on Rauch packaging: The "tethered caps", which are permanently attached to the pack.

These new closures are a new EU-wide law. From July 2024, the plastic caps on all drinks must be permanently attached to their packaging. This applies to all bottles as well as beverage cartons.

This measure is important to reduce plastic waste in our oceans. Plastic lids are one of the most common types of waste on beaches. And recycling the lids also works better if they stay on the packaging and bottles.

Rauch also took the opportunity to optimize many packs. For example, the new caps are just as heavy or even lighter than the old ones. In addition, the PET bottles now require less plastic - which is also recycled. Incidentally, Rauch was the first supplier in the world to launch juice and tea drinks in 100% recycled PET on the market and continues to increase the proportion of recycled material.

Once you get used to them, these new closures also have their advantages:


When pouring and drinking, the cap can be folded back upwards by 180 degrees so that it is no longer in the way. And the pack is very easy to reseal by simply closing the lid and clicking it tightly shut.

IMPORTANT: Please do not tear off the lid under any circumstances! This will damage the pack and it will no longer be leak-proof.

PET bottles:

Here the lid can no longer be lost, and collecting and disposing of the empty bottles is also easier. The lid can be folded away by 90 degrees and then stays there, so it hardly interferes with drinking.