From a small fruit juice pioneer to an innovative global player

Our beverage variety quenches thirst in over 100 countries around the world. From nature, for people, our products stand for healthy enjoyment and refreshment. Fruity, natural and fresh - with the highest quality! This is why we attach particular importance to gentle processes and sustainable production. Our corporate goal is to make every area as sustainable as possible. We want to continue in this way in the future. Therefore we are thinking already today about tomorrow.

Your healthy lifestyle has a home: The Rauch Juice Bars! Our vision is to inspire as many people as possible to live a healthier lifestyle with our innovative and healthy fruit creations. In our Rauch Juice Bars we transform international trends into fruity delicacies, and you can experience #thecraftofsaft live and with all your senses. Our Rauch Juice Bar creations only taste so good because nature gives us its fruit every day. That is why we attach great importance to sustainable action and are already thinking about tomorrow today.

100% rePET: We make bottles out of bottles again

As a founding member of the PET2PET organization, our Rauch Juice Bar products have been available in 100% recycled and recyclable rePET bottles since 2019. This means that new bottles are made from old bottles. A significant step for the environment!

A climate forest for the Rauch Juice Bar


We are planting trees to make our Rauch Juice Bar in the Neubaugasse, Vienna, climate-neutral for the year 2021.

Calculation of the carbon footprint
Our first step was to calculate the carbon footprint of the Rauch Juice Bar Neubaugasse for the year 2021. To do this, we analyzed all of the fruit, vegetables, baked goods, cups, bottles and cleaning agents we bought. Also our energy consumption, the waste and even the travel to and from the bar of our juicers. Based on this data, the climate specialist c7-consult calculated that we cause 62 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. A car has the same carbon dioxide emissions after driving 462,000 km.

A forest of 320 trees

As next step, we are planting 320 trees in our global Rauch Juice Bar forest together with the StartUp Treedom. With this we will neutralize 62 t of CO2 for the year 2021! You can find our Rauch Juice Bar forest at

Each tree has its own website

The special thing about Treedom: Every single tree can be digitally tracked on Each tree is geolocated, photographed and given its own website with many features.


Treedom: Help for small farmers

Our partner Treedom directly finances small agricultural and forestry projects in different regions of the world. Treedom's mission is to create sustainable eco systems and to support thousands of farmers with start-up funding to plant new trees. The fruit of the trees benefit small farmers, their families and local communities. In this way, sustainable jobs, fair income opportunities and long-term food security are created. More on this topic can be found here:

Focus on planet-friendly nutrition

The EAT-Lancet Commission, consisting of leading scientists from all over the world, has designed what is known as the Planetary Health Diet. The aim is to provide the entire world population with a diet that is healthy, ecologically and socially acceptable.

The corner stone of this is a predominantly plant-based diet, combined with a moderate consumption of dairy products and meat. (More information on:

We try very hard to make the offer in our Rauch Juice Bars planet-friendly. 80% of the range is already plant-based. The remaining 20% are, for example, shakes and smoothies with a milk or yoghurt base, coffees with milk, etc. We also offer numerous vegan options.

Sustainability in our Rauch Juice Bars

-Cups, lids and straws made from renewable raw materials (PLA; corn & beet starch)
-Napkins made from recycled Tetra Packs
-Returnable glass bottles
-Reusable Rauch Juice Bar Refill Bottle - the first filling comes with the purchase!
-€ 0.30 discount if you bring your own bottle

Our Rauch Juice Bars in Vienna rely on electricity made from 100% hydropower

The composition of the electricity provided by MyElectricPur (power pool: consists of 100% hydropower and is therefore CO2 neutral and generated without radioactive waste.

We support local beekeeping

Without bees there is no pollination, without pollination there is no fruit, and without fruit there is no juice.

All the more reason for us to use local honey in our fruity creations. We designed a Rauch Juice Bar Acacia honey together with Wald & Wiese ( In this way we support a regional company, local beekeepers and of course local bees.

You can enjoy the honey, amongst other things, in our specially created honey shots, which can be tasted in our Rauch Juice Bar in Neubaugasse, Vienna.

Largest “green” solar installation in Vorarlberg

The Rauch Juice Bar retail products are produced in Nüziders, Austria. On the green roof of the factory, there is the largest solar installation in Vorarlberg. The solar installation and the green roof support each other: On the one hand, more ecological niches are developing that offer valuable living space for insects and plants. In addition, the solar modules stay cooler due to evaporation and have up to 5% more efficiency in summer than on a normal roof.

Our success is bearing fruit in the truest sense of the word and has made us one of the leading fruit juice producers in Europe. As one of the few companies in our industry, we have the entire processing from the fruit to the packaging in our own hands. Thanks to our own plantations and numerous cooperations with fruit growers and farmers, we know exactly what goes into our products. In this way, we have been guaranteeing the best taste and the highest quality for 100 years.

High-tech fruits

A high quality of the ingredients and the safety in the production stand for us in the first place. Therefore only tested and analysed fruit is allowed to pass through the production process. Gentle production processes guarantee that the natural ingredients of the fruit are preserved. This is one of our most important quality aspects. The requirement for these high standards is a high-tech production process. State-of-the-art technical equipment and a competent team guarantee the quality standard.

Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance is an independent international NGO. Certified farms protect forests, waters and habitats while safeguarding the rights and welfare of workers, their families and local communities. In addition to environmental protection, our main goal is to improve the living conditions of workers and their families through education and health care. By using Rainforest Alliance-certified black tea, we make an active contribution to achieving these goals and sensitize our customers to these important issues.


Fairtrade products can make the world a little bit better. The idea behind the certificate is to create a safe and good life for smallholder families and workers in developing countries. We at Rauch support this vision because we want to make an active contribution to environmental protection and to improving the living conditions of employees and their families.

Organic and Vegan

We at Rauch have a BIO certificate that guarantees the processing of fruits from controlled organic cultivation. Organic farming does not pollute the water and thus protects the environment. Thus the soil remains rich in nutrients and offers the ideal conditions for the best fruits with a particularly intense taste. In addition, almost all our products are vegan and are therefore produced without the use of animal products.

Founded in 1919, we are an Austrian family business in its fourth generation. Our motivated team and our striving for the highest quality form the basis of our success. This is why we support our employees in a variety of ways in family life and career as well as personal and professional development. We pay attention to the well-being of our team through company health management, internal sports activities and fresh fruits.

We are excellent!

Rauch is one of Vorarlberg's "excellent familyfriendly businesses" because, as a family business, family happiness is particularly important to us. That is why we take care to meet the individual needs of mothers and fathers by taking leave, childcare and flexible working hours. We are also proud to be an excellent training company and one of the top 5 employers in Vorarlberg.

Further development

At Rauch, we promote the training and further development of our employees both on a professional and personal level, because we believe that well-trained employees form the basis of economic success. The RAUCH Academy for goal-oriented personnel development has been in existence since 2012. The interactive, multimedia learning platform offers all employees the opportunity to further their education - independent of time and place.

Clever Drinking

Education is also very important to us outside the team, which is why we support the "Clever Drinking" initiative, which motivates schools throughout Austria to sustainably improve their range of beverages in everyday school life and to sensitise both pupils and teachers to this topic. We are continuously reducing our sugar content in our recipes. Some of our products are already completely available without added sugar or sweeteners.


Among the many other benefits of Rauch employees are voluntary company benefits and welfare programs. The support measures are geared to the needs of the employees in the respective country and adapted accordingly. At Rauch, everyone get medical examinations, sports facilities, discounted and free smoking products and regular fresh fruit.

As one of the leading fruit juice producers in Europe, we assume responsibility and are committed to the environment. We see nature as our most important resource, which is why we as a company are actively working to act in a sustainable manner. Through the economical use of resources, energy-efficient technologies and short logistical paths, we want to further reduce our ecological footprint and preserve our nature for ourselves and future generations.

Plant Based

Our carton packs are now even better for the environment: The new "PlantBased" TetraPak consists of 83% plant-based raw materials. In addition to the 70% cardboard that was already renewable so far, there is now 13% plastic from plant sources. And that's 19% better for the climate. In this way, we save more than 1,000 tons of plastic from petroleum and more than 2,000 tons of CO2.


At Rauch, we don't just pay attention to inner values, but also to the packaging. That's why we offer the first juice and tea in 100% recycled PET bottles. As a founding member of the PET2PET organisation, we have continued to develop our sustainability strategy and were able to increase our recyclate content further and further. Up to now, the proportion of rePET (recycled PET) has been up to 50%. From now on our Rauch Juice Bar products appear in fully recycled and recyclable bottles - a significant step for the environment! In the next few years we would like to increase the rePET share also of our other brands to 100%.

FSC® certification

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is considered the most reliable, internationally recognized organization for safeguarding important environmental and social standards of our forests. The label provides assurance that all FSC® standards have been met from the extraction of raw materials to the final product to ensure sustainable management of the forest. As a partner of the FSC, we are very pleased to make an important contribution to responsible forest management with all our 100% FSC-certified beverage packaging, thus making today's forests fit for the future.

Wall-to-Wall Principle

Our partners are close to us. This allows us to produce and to fill our products at the same location. Thanks to the short distances, we save up to 10,000 truck loads in total. Due to this careful use of valuable resources, wall-to-wall production is extremely efficient and environmentally friendly.

Direct rail connections

Many of our plants border on their own sidings. In this way, we can transport goods from door to door, supply our partners quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner. Especially for large quantities, freight transport is considered the most efficient and sustainable option. Although we now deliver our products to more than 100 countries, the share of our rail freight traffic is almost 50%.

Water management

High-quality drinking water is the most important resource for beverage production. Accordingly, we handle it with care. Our groundwater is regularly checked and permanently monitored. An annual hydrological report documents and checks that the natural ecosystems around the production sites are not impaired. We also ensure that this valuable resource is used sparingly. In our plants and machines, we recycle the water by reusing the water already used for the process (e.g. as cooling water) several times before it is replaced by fresh water. The wastewater produced is purified in the company's own wastewater treatment plants before it is returned to a lake. This system ensures that the surrounding ecosystems are not adversely affected.

Wastewater treatment plants

We can produce biogas with the help of our own wastewater treatment plants. This produces valuable energy that can save us 10% of our gas consumption. Biogas extraction from sewage sludge or waste water is particularly sustainable, as renewable raw materials can be used, CO2 emissions reduced and fossil fuels saved.

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