• Yippy

Celebrations in the fruit juice aisle


BEARilliant design in PET and Tetra Pak-packaging.

Children like things colourful, fun and varied – including when it comes to eating and drinking. When the little ones are BEARY thirsty Rauch now offers the ideal solution: Rauch Yippy in super colourful bottles with a fun mascot and in a wide variety of flavours. The ideal companion for fun and games! When it comes to fruity flavour experiences, Rauch is on the tip of everyone's tongue: their almost one hundred years of expertise in producing high quality fruit juices, the strictest selection criteria for ingredients and continuous quality controls make the family firm from Rankweil, Austria a regular fixture in the family shopping basket. "This spring we present Yippy, a cheeky new fruit juice especially for 4 to 10-year-olds. Calcium and vitamins make this product a winner and we use absolutely no preservatives," Erich Teufel, Head of International Marketing at Rauch Fruchtsäfte is proud of the brand's latest addition.  

Colourful palette

They are guaranteed not to get bored with the Yippy bear! The diversity of flavours alone is a guarantee of fun. "Cherry", far and away Austria's most popular variety for children, leads the pack – it's a mix of fruity cherry and sweet banana. "Peach" (peach and apple) and "Multi " (multivitamin with carrot) fight it out for second favourite amongst the smaller consumers. A merry trio of flavours which proved very popular in tastings!

Cool sports bottle

If Yippy the bear is on the label then action and daring are in the bottle, something which 4 to 10-year-olds in particular will confirm. The 330 ml PET bottle with its practical sports lid expresses this visually, too. The glowingly colourful bottles increase the desire for more and the fact that there is no inner foil means that it is easier for children to drink without help. The clever lid ensures that nothing gets spilt.

The fruity snack for in between

Squishy fruit sauce in squeeze pouches are an ideal snack for school and kindergarten. Premium apple sauce, refined with berries, banana or pear stills the little hunger. Yippy squeeze doesn’t contain any added sugar and preservatives. Instead, it is rich in calcium and vitamins.

Of course, also the packaging is an eye-catcher: The new Yippy squeeze pouches are shining in the colours pink, light blue and light green. Yippy squeeze comes in 3 flavors: Apple-Pear – the all-time classic, Raspberry-Banana-Apple and Banana-Strawberry-Apple, because children love berries! Another goody for all kids is the toycap which can be stacked and used as toys!

It’s not a party without Yippy PARTY!

Birthdays, Christmas, the first day of school, carnival, a great musical performance in school or a medal in a sports event – a lot of occasions for children to celebrate and clink glasses. Pop bottles now with Yippy PARTY in two delicious flavours – Cherry and White Grape!