The fruity and colourful fun for kids

Children love colours and change. For quenching the thirst of the lovely little ones, the bright-coloured RAUCH Yippy bottles are the ideal companion during fun and play time. And parents love them too: Yippy convinces in terms of calcium, vitamins and a complete lack of preservatives.

No kids' party without the "champagne" of children!

Birthdays, Christmas, the first day of school, concerts in musical school or the well-deserved medal in sports -There is a number of events children want to cheer on, too! No problem! Yippy Party makes sure that kids can also pop the corks! Yippy Party is available in bright pink with cherry flavour and in light blue as white grape.

The colourful fruit pleasure with Yippy!

Flashy and colourful bottles and a great selection of the most favourite brands (from cherry to multivitamin and berries) make children smile. The 0.33 l PET bottle with sportcap makes Yippy the ideal companion on the way.

Yippy water: Near water beverages can be so much fun!

Yippy Water is the ideal thirst quencher between meals and breaks. The low-sugar Yippy water with the popular strawberry, blackberry and apple flavours carry you literally through the day.