rePET: The first juice and tea in 100% recycled PET

At Rauch, we don't just pay attention to inner values, but also to the packaging. That's why we offer the first juice and tea in 100% recycled PET bottles. As a founding member of the PET2PET organisation, we have continued to develop our sustainability strategy and were able to increase our recyclate content further and further. Up to now, the proportion of rePET (recycled PET) has been up to 50%. From now on our Rauch Juice Bar products appear in fully recycled and recyclable bottles - a significant step for the environment! In the next few years we would like to increase the rePET share also of our other brands to 100%.

Together with our four partners, we put PET2PET Recycling Österreich GmbH into operation in August 2007. In 2018 alone, the worldwide unique recycling process recovered more than 25,000 tons of rePET material for new bottles. Since the required rePET material is obtained from bottles that have already been used and collected, correct separation is particularly important for the environmentally friendly process. In the meantime, 3 out of 4 bottles are already being recycled in Austria. This is pleasing and expandable at the same time.

This is how the unique recycling process works:

As soon as the rePET bottle is returned to the cycle, the PET material is cleaned and crushed into flakes. This process, which is the most modern in the world, is particularly water-saving and thorough. In the next step, the flakes are further processed into granulate. In this way, a valuable raw material is created from which a new bottle can be produced - with much lower energy consumption. Again and again.