With the launch of the elegant RAUCH Carafe with direct juice we finally bring the trend of chilled juices to (your country). Our consumers can thereby trust our 100 years of experience and our passion for processing fruits.


Do you already know our carafes with directly squeezed juices? – We take great pride in them. If you like it classy, you have to try our orange juice. Or do you like it a bit more colourful?

No matter if it is – orange-mango-carrot, apple-grape-raspberry, or cucumber-kiwi-spirulina,– we are absolutely sure you will find some amazing flavour that suits your taste!

Juices "On-the-go"

For all those who want to enjoy our juices also on the way, go find them filled in practical 0,33ml bottles – and of course – also in the chilled shelf to preserve all the freshness!

Three delicious fruit snacks from the chiller

Do you want to enjoy various fruit in a convenient way? Then just try our trendy smoothies from the chiller, which are a 100% natural and not from concentrate. How about these flavours?

Mango Passion: Mango, passion fruit, banana & orange

Strawberry Kiss: Strawberry, banana & apple

Kiwi Kick: Kiwi, apple, lime, grape & banana

Your RAUCH Juice Bar Team

Where do you produce your Juice Bar Juices?

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