• Nativa

Drink-culture for body and mind


Rauch Nativa – the green tea specialist
„Drink green tea to forget the stress of everyday life“ is a wise Chinese saying which is very applicable to today’s busy time. In China and Japan green tea has been and elixir of life for 3000 years. Nativa uses the old wisdoms of these foreign cultures to create wellness teas with rich ingredients that positively influence body and soul. Additionally, green tea is an insider’s tip for everyone who needs to be attentive for a long time, because green tea directly stimulates your brain and therefore improves your attentiveness.

Stevia – the sugarleaf
The natives of Paraguay and Brazil have been using the stevia plant for centuries as a sweetener as well as medicine. The “stevia rebaudiana” is also called sugarleaf or sweetleaf. It is up to 300 times sweeter than sugar but at the same time free from calories. Therefore, it is also suitable for diabetics.