Arancia Orange

Whatever you do – do it Bravo

 Fresh fruits are identified with summer. The high content of fruits and the variety of natural colours add a summer feeling and the full taste of sweet life to Bravo fruit juices. Authentic fruits. Authentic Rauch.

More desire for fruits!

BRAVO symbolizes a variety of compositions from exotic to native fruit and berry varieties. BRAVO fruit juices constitute the ideal thirst quencher and guarantee fruit variety with ever new ideas and exciting experiences in flavour. The brand for all who love to enjoy life. Fruity nectares and drinks rich in vitamins, nutrients and minerals for more vitality ensure the highest level of fruit indulgence, whenever and wherever.

Bravo Multivit

For Rauch, Bravo stands for real fruit flavour and pure joy in life, represented in its many flashy colours. Bravo Multivitamin has been among the favourite beverages among our clients. Bravo Multivitamine includes 13 fruits and 9 vitamins. The full fruit flavour is reflected in the colourful lifestyles of Bravo clients. The pure joy for life and the desire for pure fruit flavour!

It's BRAVO time all the time!

Whether for the great and little thirst, on your own or with friends: BRAVO is available in various sizes and fruits for all situations in life.