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For our partners in trade, gastronomy, press and industry we offer a special service: get detailed information about our products under “Technical data”. There you find everything worth knowing from the reference to the EAN codes to the storage life and much more. In our “Picture archive” all product pictures are saved for you to download, so you always have the current pictures available for your ads. You still don’t have a login and a short password? Write us a short message with address and intended purpose for the data and we will send you your login and password immediately, or just call us!


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Logo Download

Here you can download Rauch logos.
Every logo is available in 3 variations.

The misuse of these protected trademarks is prohibited. In the event of infringement, the user shall be liable for any damages incurred as a result.

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Logo Download

Here you can download Rauch logos.
Every logo is available in 3 variants.

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RAUCH Certificates

The RAUCH certificates are available for download here.

If a certificate you look for is not available on the website, feel free to contact

RAUCH Fruchtsäfte GmbH & Co OG
Production site: Rankweil
Production site: Nüziders
RAUCH Fruchtsäfte Deutschland GmbH
Production site: Baruth
RAUCH Trading AG
Production site: Widnau
RAUCH Serbia d.o.o.
Production site: Koceljeva
RAUCH Hungaria Kft.
Production site: Budapest
Production site: Nyirmada
RAUCH Polska Sp.z o.o.
Production site: Plonsk
Production site: Kluczkowice
Production site: Przeworsk
Production site: Siemiatycze
RAUCH North America, Inc.
Production site: Waddell/Arizona