Twist lock is more practical

Small details optimize major processes

Make all processes as practical as possible. This principle was also central to the great success of the retail chains. The standard packaging used at the time for fruit juices was very impractical: swing-top bottles in wooden crates. If the closure was badly positioned in the washer then the bottle was not properly cleaned. The sealing rubber easily absorbed flavours and the gap between the seal and the porcelain head was difficult to clean.

So Rauch introduced the screw cap for returnable bottles back in 1969. And replaced the wooden crates with plastic ones - lighter, stronger and more hygienic.And what did they do with all the bottles that were taken out of service? They were used by Rauch in the Arab nations. They were extremely popular there. Maybe because you could turn the red and white grape juice into wine with a little yeast and time?

Good to know: The technology of swing tops has evolved since then and the disadvantages of those days no longer apply today.

From 1969 Rauch supplied its juices in bottles with screw caps and in hygienic plastic crates.