Try things out, then introduce innovations

Rauch introduces the next beverage innovation: apple juice spritzer in plastic bottles

Thirsty guests have been able to find "apple juice spritzer" on the drinks lists of bars for ages. Until the mid-1990s however, this refreshing, sparkling drink was not to be found on supermarket shelves. When Rauch noticed how well the first bottled apple spritzer sold in Germany, it was quickly decided: Let's give it a try.

Carbon dioxide makes sparkling water sparkle. But Rauch lacked the necessary packaging. Lightweight and unbreakable PET plastic bottles had established themselves as the first choice for carbonated beverages. They had to get themselves one of these systems. And fast. "So our senior technicians bought used parts from all over Europe and combined them to create our first PET production line," explains purchasing manager Hanno Mandl.

Rauch launched its "apple juice spritzer" in practical PET bottles in 1998, almost at the same time as several competitors. The "spritzers" were in line with the trend, sales virtually exploded. With a market share of over 40%, Rauch once again established itself out in front. Other products were also moved to PET and became hits, led by Multivit and iced tea.

Soon afterwards, Rauch installed further PET production lines in Nüziders and Budapest, this time however they were the best on the market, brand-new. PET was also a huge success in Koceljeva