Quality Assurance Specialist


Grew up big but still small: founded in 1919 in Austria, we are a 4th generation family owned business. Our constant ambition for the highest quality made RAUCH what it is today – a worldwide leading beverage company.


·       Collaboration in the further development of quality awareness at all hierarchical levels of production Knowledge and capable of implementing GSFI standards (BRC, FSSC, SQF or IFS

·       Assist with facility environmental sanitation program

·       Plans, performs, and oversees inspection and testing of products to ensure the quality deliverable

·       Documents quality assurance activities, such as internal audits

·       Analyzes customer grievances and other non-compliance issues

·       Develop quality assurance policies and procedures

·       Work with primary packaging partner to ensure the best quality is delivered

·       Identify improvement potentials on the production lines and participate in the implementation.

·       Ensuring compliance with the hygiene regulations on the production lines and in the environment of the lines and the food safety system

·       Continuous monitoring and evaluation of process information from the production lines

·       Implementation of vulnerability and root cause analyses on the production lines

·       Planning and controlling of internal project groups to implement and evaluate improvement measures on the production lines - Support of the operational CIP process

·       Development and maintenance of quality documentation for technical processes

·       Knowledge of relevant regulatory and private standards

·       Organization, planning and performance of internal audits to evaluate the implemented management systems and the implementation of customer requirements including effectiveness analysis

·       Support, training and moderation of departments in the definition and implementation of measures based on corrective and preventive actions to be initiated

·       Application of quality management tools and methods in failure avoidance or cause analysis

·       The list shows a selection of typical tasks of the QA position in the organization. If necessary, other tasks can be temporarily assigned.


·       Bachelor’s degree in the S.T.E.M. field preferred

·       Responsible for the food safety management system and its continuous improvement

·       Capable of leading GSFI audits

·       Possess the ability to learn and process technical information to write reports

·       Experience in leading root cause analysis and other lean problem-solving methodology

·       Ability to follow an integrated approach and think across interfaces

·       Superb computer competence, including experience with databases and Microsoft Office

·        Knowledge of good hygiene and manufacturing practices

·       Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and prioritize work while multitasking

·       Must work effectively in team environments

·       Must follow company policies, procedures, practices, and standards of conduct

·       Ability to handle sensitive and proprietary information in a confidential manner

·       Ability to learn and implement food safety standards

Physical Requirements/Working Conditions

·        Works in a manufacturing environment

·       This position is exposed to occupational hazards, including but not limited to high noise levels, physical obstacles, exposure to chemicals, etc.

·       Must wear appropriate safety glasses, hearing protection, clothing, and footwear in appropriate areas and follow safety practices

·       Able to lift up to 40 pounds




Natalie Grabher

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