Looking for a convenient solution for your breakfast buffet? Our bag-in-box dispenser offers the highest flexibility and the best quality.

The Rauch POSTMIX serving system is ideal in case of a high fruit juice demand. With one click, it prepares the desired beverages from concentrate and fresh water and guarantees a prompt, clean and powerful way of serving beverages for up to 200 liters. With flexible usage: different serving heights for glasses and carafes provide multiple uses. A number of dispenser models allow for the use of 2 or, respectively, 5 varieties.

The bag-in-box PREMIX two-chamber dispenser provides pure fruit pleasure. With powerful cooling, 2-3 different products may be served simultaneously in traditional Rauch quality. The assortment includes 100% organic juices, high-grade 100% fruit juices with no addition of sugar as well as the most favorite nectars. Its handling by the staff is very easy - guests take their beverages quickly and smoothly.