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    Rauch Juice Bars latest innovation: Juice refined with Oat Drink!

Rauch Juice Bars latest innovation: Juice refined with Oat Drink!


Our Brand Rauch Juice Bar once again came up with an innovation for the chilled shelf: Juice & Oat. The new juices are 75% directly pressed fruit juice, refined with 25% oat drink. The Juice & Oat range is hitting supermarket shelves with three fruity, fresh varieties:

Apple Grape Raspberry
Orange Mango Passion Fruit
Apple Grape Kiwi

The new varieties will be available in the chilled shelves in the convenient 0.5L bottle made from 100% recycled PET from April 2023.

Fruchtiger Trinkgenuss mit dem Extra an Haferdrink

The combination of direct-pressed juice and oat drink combines the best of two worlds: The fruity freshness of the direct juice and the smooth taste of the oat drink. Together, they make for a fruity drinking pleasure that is further enhanced by the oats!

Our Juice & Oat products combine the trend from milk alternatives and the desire for a healthy diet, which is very important to our consumers. The innovative concept appeals to oat drink fans and invites less "experienced" ones to try the fruity flavors.

In addition to the content, our customers also put a lot of emphasis on sustainability and therefore on the choice of packaging for their beverage. That is why, as with all Rauch Juice Bar products, we have settled on a bottle made of 100% recycled PET.

Fruchtige Innovation mit Unterstützung unseres Healthy Lifestyle Boards

The two sisters and Veganista as well as The LaLa founders Susanna Paller & Cecilia Havmöller were also involved in the development of Juice & Oat as part of the Rauch Healthy Lifestyle Board. As experts for vegan gastronomy concepts, Rauch's concept "fruit juice with milk alternative" was already discussed with them in spring 2022. Through them, Rauch was able to gain valuable inputs on vegan milk alternatives and got insights on the current trends for vegan food and beverages.

After some tests, tastings and practical trials of different milk alternatives and mixing ratios, the fruity recipes were created. This resulted in an innovative product, which can now be found in the chilled shelves.

Find out what Susanna Paller & Cecilia Havmöller think of "Juice & Oat" in the video.





Launch-Party in der Rauch Juice Bar

Of course, we did not miss the opportunity to celebrate the launch in April 2023. More than 100 fruit juice fans, including numerous influencers and opinion leaders from the fields of gastronomy, art, business and media, tasted the new "Juice & Oat" products. DJs from Ayoka ensured a lively atmosphere, and in addition to our new Juice & Oat products, there were vegan snacks from The LaLa, Juice & Oat ice cream from Veganista, and fruity cocktail creations.