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    Rauch Healthy Lifestyle Board

Rauch Healthy Lifestyle Board

At Rauch, we want to stay up to date with our products and support our consumers in living a happy and, most importantly, healthy lifestyle. This idea includes our existing products and, of course, our numerous new products. To ensure that we succeed in doing this in the best possible way, we have established the Rauch Healthy Lifestyle Board as an additional source of support. You can learn more about what the board is doing and who is part of it here:

"Rauch has been around for over 100 years, and for over 100 years we've been striving to make drinks that not only taste good, but are also beneficial to us."
          - Daniel Wüstner, Managing Director Rauch Fruit Juices

Learn more about our 100-year history here

What is the Rauch Healthy Lifestyle Board?

The Rauch Healthy Lifestyle Board includes six independent experts from various fields, such as nutritionists, top athletes and lifestyle experts, who support us in the further development of existing products and the development of some of our new products. They contribute their various expertise as well as inspirations and trends and thus support us in different areas of product planning as well as product development, depending on the area of application. This allows a critical external view on our product portfolio.

"Together, we develop special ideas for new products, and in the process, we want to continually improve and make products that support a healthy lifestyle without compromising on taste."
     - Daniel Wüstner, Managing Director Rauch Fruchtsäfte

Who are our experts?

We are fortunate to have a unique mix of experts who bring different ideas and thought-provoking impulses, providing us with a lot of valuable input in exciting discussions. Furthermore, the different professional backgrounds of our board members provide us with different perspectives on our products and allow us to benefit from the variety of topics our experts focus on.

    · Univ.-Prof. Prim. Dir. Dr. Friedrich Hoppichler
        Doctor & university professor
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    · Anna Veith
        Former top athlete & olympia medalist                        
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    · Univ.-Lekt. Mag. Dr. Manuel Schätzer
        Nutritionist & university lecturer
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    · Susanna Paller & Cecilia Havmöller
        Founders of Veganista Ice Cream & The Lala
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    · Bernd Österle   
        Fitness Expert & multimple Mr. Universe Fitness
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Follow our collaborative projects

On the Rauch Healthy Lifestyle Blog we regularly inform you about the projects and products that keep the Rauch Healthy Lifestyle Board involved. Interesting articles on all kinds of Healthy Lifestyle topics and competitions can also be found here. Subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date!