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    Vitamin C boosters: Good for the immune system

Vitamin C boosters: Good for the immune system

A strong immune system protects us from viruses and other harmful influences and thus ensures that we stay healthy. Vitamin C in particular helps us to strengthen our immune system. It is also involved in many metabolic processes and serves as an important building block for our connective tissue, our bones and teeth. However, since our body cannot produce the water-soluble vitamin C itself, it must be taken in through our food.

The special protective function of vitamin C is primarily its antioxidant effect. This protects our cells from free radicals. These are particularly harmful substances that arise due to environmental pollution, smoking, extreme physical strain or activity or as a part of the immune system. The attack cells and tissues and vitamin C intercepts these and inactivates them.

Those who eat a balanced diet with a high proportion of fruit and vegetables will achieve their daily dose of vitamin C. It should be 95 mg per day for women and 110 mg for men. 100% fruit juices are a particularly easy way to top-up your vitamin C levels. A small glass of orange juice (150 ml, 100% fruit content) is often enough to cover two thirds of the daily recommended requirement. When looking for a fruity, health-promoting thirst quencher, it is advisable to dilute 100% fruit juice with water or mineral water. This has a double advantage: an ideal thirst quencher and a healthy portion of vitamin C.

Real vitamin C boosters are acerola cherries, rose hip, citrus fruit, but also sea buckthorn berries (450 mg / 100g) or black currants, which have a particularly high content of vitamin C (over 1,000 mg / 100g). Just in time for summer strawberries in particular provide us with sufficient strength for our immune system. Many don´t know, but there is just as much vitamin C in this wonderfully aromatic summer fruit as in oranges and lemons. On top of that, they are rich in zinc - the ideal combination for our immune boost!

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